My name is Joshua Waters

About Me

King Edward VI School


Nottingham Trent University

2020 - 2024
BSc (Hons) Computer Science SW, 2nd year; 1st year grade: 1st

King Edward VI School Stratford upon Avon

2018 - 2020
Extended Project Qualification(A), Computer Science(B), Geography(B), Mathematics(C)

2015 - 2018
Top 8: Physics(8), Geography(8), Chemistry(7), Mathematics(7), Computer Science(7), Design Technology(7), Biology(6), Religious Studies(6), where 8 = A*, 7 = A, 6 = B


NTU Developer's Society Committee

2021 - Present
Obtained a leadership position within the NTU developers’ community and now in charge of handling the management of events, and communications with external partners.

NTU Student Mentor

Summer 2021 - Present
Supporting the first year students with their course and any problems they may have.

Santander Work Experience

Summer 2021
Developed RShiny app in R that allows the UK Corporate Modelling Team to visualise and interact with publicly available macroeconomic data.

Continued Professional Development

2020 - 2021
Attending various extracurricular events and talks during university. View CPD tracking page.

Shakespeare's Hospice Trust

2018 - 2019
Working in an office environment, at first doing odd-jobs like data entry and donation counting. Eventually I moved to automating all of the charity shops' income system into a central (Excel :-) ) database, using macros programmed in Visual Basic.

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Programming (C++, C#, Java, VB, Python, JavaScript) both for Academic & Personal Projects e.g. A-Level Coursework or Discord Bot in JS
Pentesting Labs
Unreal Engine
Deep Rock Galactic Modding
Taking part in & making Capture the Flag contests
Video Games
Building PCs
Tabletop Games


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Advent of Code 2020
Boolean Expression Simplifier
This Website
Haiku Generator
Contactless Shopper Simulator
JOOJ3 (Custom D&D) Character Sheets
A-Level Project
UE5 Scenes
DRG Modding